2019 EU Elections: Regions vs. Buildings

This cartographic exercise is entirely inspired by Alasdair Rae’s similar mapping of the 2019 UK General election, which can be read on his blog (seriously, go check it out!).

I’ve been meaning to do something similar ever since I saw it in January, and now having a bit of time ( thanks corona! (: ), I said why not. The built area is mapped using Copernicus’s CORINE 2018 Land Cover data with only “Continuous urban fabric” and “Discontinuous urban fabric” areas being left visible.

Built areas (7015px x 4960px)


Standard map (7015px x 4960px)


GIF (3508px x 2480px)

Europe-Elex - double v2 optimized 050

Made in QGIS, Inkscape and Gimp.

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