A new Europe with lasting Peace (A Remake)

For the 17th day of the 30 Day Map Challenge I tried my hand at a modern remake of the 1920 map “A new Europe with lasting Peace” adapted to the extent of today’s Flag of European Union European Union, with most slices preserved as in the original.

I have tried to make a version that would have been centered on Brussels but it was too eccentric so I kept Vienna as the capital.

For those unfamiliar, the original map by P.A.M. that served as an inspiration is posted below. Follow this link for a detailed description.

The flag is based on the now famous, and much hated, “barcode flag” by Dutch architecture firm OMA. Follow this link for more.

The 8-pointed star is from a 1954 proposal for a European flag by Arsène Heitz. See more proposals on Wikipedia.

One thought on “A new Europe with lasting Peace (A Remake)”

  1. Hey there! This is awesome and it literally gives me goosebumps at how good and bad the idea is, all at once. Had a couple of questions for you, out of curiosity, and because I’m too lazy to superimpose a regular political map of Europe to check.
    1. I was wondering why no Kanton Madrid or Kanton Barcelona instead of Kanton Marseilles?
    2. I was wondering why no Kanton Stockholm, Malmo or Helsinki instead of Kanton Hradec Kralove?

    Or, to make it short, could you please superimpose it on the current political map? I’d like to spend nights pondering the implications. 🙂


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