CArtogram of EUROPEAN Elections in the style of Balogh Pál (1902)

I’ve been meaning to replicate the map style for over a year, ever since I discovered the 1902 ones.

For those unfamiliar with Balogh Pál’s 1902 cartograms, the two he created together with Br. Proff Kocsárd, one on Hungary’s ethnic groups, the other regarding religious affiliation, can be accessed here.

For more on Hungarian dataviz history, see Attila Bátorfy’s article in
the DataVizSociety’s “Nightingale”.

Made with 10% Excel, 60% Python, 30% Inkscape:

  1. Grid layouts done in LibreCalc (including cartogram layout).
  2. Automated .svg file based on data and grids, including cell labels.
  3. Post-production in Inkscape (legend, country labels & borders, title, map border)

Some similar cartograms, see the tweets of Alex McPhee. He took this style and really ran with it:

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