US Elections: who would be the EU’s favourite?

If given the chance, Europe would preferred Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. A light blogpost based on dubious data.

I took the score for each candidate in the 2020 US election from this site, mapped it on the political compass and using Voronoi partitions, I assigned a zone corresponding to each candidate (see below).

I had previously calculated the average score of each municipality based on the 2019 elections and each party’s Chapel Hill Expert Survey score.

I mentioned “dubious data” because CHES and PoliticalCompass weigh parties differently (PC is more left wing, thus their scores are skewed to the right). But for lack of better data on candidate I made a colorful map based on the data I had.

First up is the version with multiple Democratic candidates (anyone over 10% in the primary polls) plus the Republican, the Green and the Libertarian candidates:

But we could always just remove primary candidates and leave the four actual candidates who ran. Then we get a Biden vs. Hawkins (Green Party) race. Plus a Libertarian Malta.

Or go even further, just remove anyone but the two major candidates who had a chance.

Then we get an EU that is more blue than the European flag. 100% Biden! Not one village for Trump. (In reality, we’d probably get a fair few pro-Trumpy areas, I’m sure).

Anyway, this thread should not be taken seriously. The EU and the US are different beasts, with different political systems, candidate profiles and electorates.

Plus this whole exercise in map coloring is based on sketchy data to put it lightly. Just some weekend fun.

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