30 Day Map Challenge (2019)

Day 1 – Points – A dot density map of the 2019 European vote

1 Dot density

Day 2 – Lines – An experimental radial barchart? map of the 2019 European vote

Radial Spiky

Day 4 – Hexagons – Published the second hexagon map from:

What if: the EU had presidential elections like the USA?

Day 15 – Names – Men vs. Women in the street names of Oradea

M-F Out.png

Day 17 – Zones – The many faces of EU-related maritime Exclusive Economic Zones


Inspired by a tweet from @hireuter on EEZs.

Day 19 – Urban – The many architectural styles in the city center of Oradea

Stil Cladiri 30Day

Day 22 – Urban – Built Environment of Oradea (1609- 2017) – .gif based on old maps


Day 23 – Statistics – Geographic centers of the European Vote

I calculated the weighted mean point of:

  • All valid votes
  • Each political group in the
  • All votes that aren’t represented in Parliament

Lat Long Center Vote

To be updated…

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